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Server successfully started on 7th of May with 1000+ Online

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Dear Players!

L2 Atlas brings unique and amazing experience to all Interlude lovers!
We have market leading server balance, economy, features and gameplay where everybody can find a place to play whether you are solo player or coming with your friends.
So don't wait! Tell all your friends and invite them to join us this Saturday for a real Lineage II experience.

Current Events

100 USD or 400 Donate Coins Clan Ranking Event
Top 3 clans will share:
1st. 50$ (Or 200 Donate Coins)
2nd. 30$ (Or 120 Donate Coins)
3rd. 20$ (Or 80 Donate Coins)
Winners will be announced on 15th of May 20:00 GMT +3

Daily Discord giveaways, 1 week VIP and 10 Donate Coins to be won on Saturday
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S Grade Scrolls are now universal for all grades of equipment
Hero Weapons are now augmentable
1 Hour VIP Coin added to Raid Bosses
Maximum Clan limit set to 30
Final Boss Respawn reduced to 1 day from 2
Tournament Engine reworked for smooth party matches.
Atlas weapons/Armors balance improved
Raid Boss drops adjusted for Atlas weapons/armors
In game economy updated
Improved website infrastructure.