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April 9th update

Dear players,
We have exciting news to announce, after many sleepless nights we have finally completed all the works on the server and reached the final testing phase. This means The Server start is closer than you think. So stay tuned, as we can't wait to start announcing some amazing events for our great community!

March 17th update

Hi all, we know that you can't wait for L2 Atlas to start just as much as we do, but since we are entirely updating the server as you know it, it takes longer than originally planned.

However, we have some good news. We are about 80% ready and slowly phasing into final beta testing, we can’t share all updates as of now, as we want it to be a surprise to our players. But some generic updates are below,

Completely reworked Olympiad system (rewards for matches, damage calculations, etc.)
Completely reworked events system (there will be 5 brand new events with vote system so players can decide which event will be next)
Revolutionised farming zones and economy to bring ultimate balance between solo and clan players.
PvP zones that changing every hour with rankings and rewards after each zone.
Clan Ranking with weekly rewards for (raid bosses, clan wars, castles, heroes)

It's Time for New Season

Hello all, Server has been changed to GM Only to allow us to prepare for new season.

However due to amount of work involved in preparation and final testings, we do not have starting date just yet.

But trust me when I say it. it's worth waiting as New beginning is coming with major updates that will completely revolutionise L2 Atlas and PvP server as you know it.

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